Our volunteers are an integral part of Adaptive Computer Empowerment’s human resource capabilities. Without the volunteer, ACES would be stifled in its ability to carry out its mission. With this in mind, I commit myself to the following:

  • To insure stability, quality, and consistency to our many programs
  • The Mission of ACES
  • To abide by the principals of the confidentiality agreement and Code of Ethics
  • To promote an environment of mutual respect and compassion with all volunteers and recipients
  • To notify the Volunteer Coordinator in advance if I am ever unable to volunteer my time.

Legal Issues

In releasing A.C.E.S. you are also agreeing with items 1 through 4 on this page.
Item 5 is the application to become a volunteer.



It is the policy of Adaptive Computer Empowerment Services to operate in a drug-free environment. Volunteers are expected to adhere to a standard of conduct that will promote a drug-free environment.
I have been informed that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance while volunteering for ACES is prohibited. I also understand that the appropriate personnel action will be taken against me, up to and including termination of my volunteer status.

  • I have also been informed that I must notify the Volunteer Coordinator within five days "of any violation occurring while on the job".



Due to the nature of the service that Adaptive Computer Empowerment provides it is often necessary for a volunteer to perform several ACES-related tasks, such as donation pick-up and systems delivery, in private transportation. For this reason, the following requirements must be met:

  • The driver must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The driver must have a valid driver’s license.
  • The driver must show proof of auto insurance as well as acknowledge that, in case of accident or injury, the volunteer’s insurance company would be liable upto its maximum limits.
  • Under no circumstances is the volunteer to transport the recipient while representing ACES in any way.

I understand the transportation policy of Adaptive Computer Empowerment, and I certify that if I am required to use my private vehicle for ACES-related work I meet all of the above conditions.

I also understand that if an accident occurs, my own insurance company will be liable for bodily and property damage up to its maximum limits.



Due to the nature of ACES work, many volunteers may find themselves in a position where a recipient will share information with them regarding their personal lives, disabilities, etc. Adaptive Computer Empowerment Services adheres to a policy of maintaining a recipient’s right to confidentiality and privacy:

  • Staff, including all volunteers, are expected to respect the privacy of recipients and to hold in confidence all information obtained in the course of service. Only information which is life threatening should be divulged, and then only with the Volunteer Coordinator or other appropriate professionals.
  • If ever a recipient shares information with you which makes you feel uncomfortable or if there is ever any doubt as to the propriety of sharing information, always feel free to consult with the Volunteer Coordinator or other appropriate supervisor.
  • I hereby agree to hold all information pertaining to any recipient as confidential unless asked in writing by the recipient to share this information with another, or in any life-threatening situation.
  • I hereby agree to hold all information pertaining to any recipient as confidential unless asked in writing by the recipient to share this information with another, or in any life-threatening situation.



To protect ACES recipients and to satisfy requirements for ACES liability insurance, all volunteers and staff who interact with recipients in their homes are subject to a criminal background check

Adaptive Computer Empowerment Services has been certified by the California State Department of Justice for access to all criminal records information. This information is restricted to arrests resulting in conviction or arrests which are pending adjudication involving any sex crimes, drug crimes, or crimes of violence.

  • As a prospective volunteer who will make home visits, I agree to have a record check, and I understand that the existence of a criminal record may affect my volunteer status.



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Volunteer Application

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